Itinerant VI Job Opportunities

VISTAS is looking for Teachers of the Vision Impaired, Orientation and Mobility Instructors, and Assistive Technology Specialists to provide itinerant services in various schools throughout New Jersey.

Qualified TVI candidates will meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a standard Teacher of the Vision Impaired certification or Certificate of Eligibility in Advanced Standing.
  • O&M candidates will hold a COMS or NOMC.
  • Prior teaching experience with vision impaired students.
  • Be able to work effectively and collaboratively within an interdisciplinary team model.
  • Demonstrate strong organizational, communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Have experience with  commonly used low vision and screen reader technology for Windows-based computers
  • Have experience with iOS accessibility features used on an iPad and iPhone
  • Be willing to maintain active engagement in different types of professional development in the field of VI education

Recent graduates and/or newly certified instructors should inquire about our mentorship program and available, mentor-supported positions.  

Interested candidates should send their resume along with a cover letter to  

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