Parent Perspectives on Remote Learning
with Blind/Deafblind Students:

A Webinar Hosted by the National Homework Hotline-BVI

August 25, 2020,  7:00pm – 8:15pm EST  

As preK-12 schools continue to grapple with unprecedented challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the unique educational needs of blind/deafblind and visually impaired students demand full and equal consideration.  

As we think about and prepare for the unique challenges and opportunities that we will face with remote learning in the upcoming school year, it is important to learn from parents.  

Teachers, parents, and other support providers are invited to join this panel discussion featuring four parents who will discuss their diverse insights on remote learning. 


  • Arleen & Ric Flores- Arleen and Ric (California) are parents to 1st grade deafblind twins
  • Allison Hilliker- Allison (Phoenix area) is a blind mother to two low vision preschoolers
  • Amnata Saffa- Amnata (New Jersey) is the mother of a blind kindergartner and a sighted 9th grader
  • Michelle Spano- Michelle (New Jersey) is the mother of a low vision 6th grader and a blind 8th grader


Moderator: Megan Deusch

Megan lives in NY and mentors blind/vi students in Learning Ally’s College Success Program. Megan is an Access Technology instructor and a volunteer responder with the National Homework Hotline for Blind/VI Students.

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About the National Homework Hotline for Blind/Visually Impaired Students 

The National Homework Hotline for Blind/Visually Impaired Students (NHH-BVI) is a free service for K-12 and college students in the United States who are experiencing school closures due to COVID-19.  NHH-BVI responders are experienced TVIs, tutors, mentors, STEM professionals,  and college students eager to assist blind/visually impaired students.

Areas of support include:  
  • Voice Over for macOS and iOS devices
  • Nemeth and literary braille
  • Cranmer abacus
  • Refreshable braille displays
  • Core subject tutoring (Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies)
  • Braille reading 

To request help, email or call 732-835-6672. Provide the following information: 

  • student’s first name and grade in school
  • specific description of request
  • telephone number and time for hotline responder to call

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P.O. Box 4214   Highland Park, NJ 08904 | 732-835-6672 |

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