Homework Help Hotline for Blind Students During Corona Virus-Related School Closure

In response to the school closures in K-12 and higher education across the United States due to COVID-19, we have organized a free, homework help hotline for blind/visually impaired students from Kindergarten to college. Find out more. 

VISTAS is committed to promoting the personal growth and independence of blind/visually impaired students.  We provide essential consultative, instructional, and diagnostic services in preK-21 schools and other community settings. 

Our team of certified, highly qualified professionals deliver innovative instruction and collaboratively work with interdisciplinary educational teams to provide highly specialized, expert guidance needed for meeting the individualized learning needs of blind/vi students.

Boy seated at table doing math practice using his laptop and cranmer abacus.


What We Offer

Itinerant VI Instruction & Consultation

Direct student instruction and staff consultation that address areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum for Visually Impaired Youth.

Braille and Electronic Transcription

Conversion of print curricular materials into accessible electronic documents, braille files, and tactile graphics.

Educational Assessments

Essential evaluations to determine appropriate educational goals and needs.

Community-Based Enrichment

Camps, Saturday classes, field trips, and special events in community settings.

“Life is not about finding our limitations; it’s about finding our infinity.”

Herbie Hancock

VISTAS Education Partners
P.O. Box 4214 Highland Park, NJ 08904 | 732-835-6672 | info@vistaseducation.com

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