The National Homework Hotline Help Hotline is open for the 2021-22 School Year! 

Initially formed in the spring of 2019 in response to the national wave of school closures, the National Homework Hotline-BVI continues to provide a free telephone-based service for blind/visually impaired students, K12 and college students. Click here to find out more.

VISTAS is committed to advancing the personal growth and individualized learning success of blind and visually impaired students through asset-based, empowering educational opportunities. 

Through collaborative work with our partner schools, our team of qualified and certified professionals deliver innovative, remote and in-person instructional services for blind and visually impaired students in grades PreK-12+.  

We provide expert support in assessing students’ strengths and needs and implementing effective educational plans in areas of the core and expanded core curriculum.

Boy seated at table doing math practice using his laptop and cranmer abacus.


“Life is not about finding our limitations; 

it’s about finding our infinity.” -Herbie Hancock

VISTAS Education Partners
P.O. Box 4214 Highland Park, NJ 08904 | 732-835-6672 |

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