My son, Robby, is beginning his seventh year with Monique as his TVI. I honestly don't know where we would be without her wisdom and guidance. He is in an academically demanding program and Monique has worked beside him without missing a beat. Her proficiency with Braille, Nemeth, abacus, and cutting edge assistive technology have not only helped Robby remain on parr with his peers but have helped him excel in academics and life in general. Monique's knowledge of the law and Extended Core Curriculum continues to be an asset to us as parents, Robby's teachers and our school district. Monique has always been available for teacher consultation, which is such an important part of any child's school success. Monique's support and advocacy has been invaluable to our family, and we could not be more thrilled that she will continue to work with our son this school year and beyond.

- Elisa

We have had the pleasure of knowing Monique Coleman as she has worked with our child as a TVI in the public school system for the past 6 plus years. She is an extremely skilled teacher and her love of her work is evident. Her kindness, patience and positive attitude while working with our child, while at the same time pushing him to do his best has been inspiring. Her expectations of her students are high and she works hard to give them every opportunity to succeed and become self sufficient, independent, capable adults. In this ever changing world of new assistive technology for the blind, she is constantly improving her own knowledge to enable her students to enter the workforce with the necessary work skills, and to achieve academic and personal potential. It has truly been a privilege knowing Monique and we look forward to success for our child in the future.

- Carol

We've had the opportunity to work with Monique through our school district for the past few years. Throughout, she's been an amazing source of information and support. Monique cares passionately about education and helping children with visual impairments learn various things related to their education. Monique has truly been a godsend to our child and is always willing to assist in any way!


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